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Tony Tyter -
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Cockle Bay~0.jpg
Cockle Bay, South East Tasmania, Australia259 viewsMar 14, 2009
Dove Lake3.jpg
Dove Lake, Central Tasmania, Australia241 viewsThis day had the coldest winds I've ever experienced, luckily I was using a Russian built camera suited to those temperatures. Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain (partially obscured by cloud in the background) are a world famous tourist destination. Not bad for a photo taken with numb fingers, frozen nose and in great haste hey? I often remember this photo when about to complain of the heat in our deserts, where I seem to spend most of my time....Mar 14, 2009
Eaglehawk_s Neck over Pirate_s Bay.jpg
Eaglehawks Nest overlooking Pirate Bay in Eastern Tasmania, Australia241 viewsFor all it's horrid past history of man's inhumanity to man, Tasmania is among the most beautiful places I've ever seen. This photo over-looking Pirates Bay is one of my favourites.
Thankfully, the locals treated me wonderfully on my visits and it was such an exciting pleasure to wander this island with my cameras discovering geography, flora and fauna to be seen nowhere else on this earth. These were taken on 35mm film in about 2000, I look forward very much to returning soon with my large format cameras.
Mar 14, 2009
Sarah Island~0.jpg
Sarah Island, MacQuarie Harbour, South Western Tasmania, Australia.278 viewsIf there was a worse place in early Tasmania than Port Arthur it was Sarah Island. This is where the very worst of the repeat offenders from Port Arthur were sent. Suicide was a crime there and so, to enjoy that final escape, some poor devils committed crimes for which death was the penalty. It's said they'd dance on the hanging scaffold and kick off their shoes to the gathered crowd as a passing gift. There's a play called The Ship That Never Was" which tell the story: 14, 2009
Solitary confinement cells~0.jpg
Solitary confinement cells at Port Arthur Gaol, Eastern Tasmania, Australia373 viewsPort Arthur was where the repeat offenders among the early convicts deported to Australia from Britain were held. It is a fearsome place which sends a chill through one's heart. Those poor devils were treated mercilessly and, in many cases, driven to lunacy.There was a special section at the far rear of the complex which was used to house those poor souls, far enough away that their cries through the night didn't disturb the sleep of the military on service there. It was also the site of a recent massacre. Mar 14, 2009
Adventure Bay~0.jpg
Adventure Bay, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia259 viewsMar 14, 2009
Adventure Bay2~0.jpg
Adventure Bay 2. Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia271 viewsMar 14, 2009
Adventure Bay3~0.jpg
Adventure Bay 3. Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia284 viewsMar 14, 2009
Cockle Creek Bridge.jpg
Cockle Creek Bridge, South East Tasmania246 viewsMar 14, 2009
81_04 Near Bollards Lagoon SA4Internet.jpg
Near Bollards Lagoon SA358 viewsFeb 19, 2008
81_01 Dog fence at Cameron CornerRotated4Internet.jpg
Sunset on the Dog Fence399 viewsThe 5290 Kilometre long (3,307 miles) Dog Fence was built to keep Dingos (wild dogs) from killing the grazierís sheep. It is almost sixteen hundred kilometres (a thousand miles) longer than the Great Wall of China, meandering across the Australian outback from down near the Great Australian Bight off the Southern Coast of South Australia to Eastern Queensland, almost to the Pacific Ocean. It was originally built and maintained by men who travelled along this fence by camel. Today itís still maintained by gangs of workers who, nowadays, travel by four wheel drive and pull caravans behind them. The general public are no longer allowed to use this road since a few workers have been injured and killed by irresponsible drivers travelling much too fast and not expecting anyone to be on the road over the next sand hill.
This photograph was taken at Cameron Corner from the Queensland side, looking over the fence due east into New South Wales. Cameron Corner was named after a pioneer surveyor and is where the States of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland meet each other.
Here I am standing in Queensland, South Australia is 100 metres behind me and New South Wales is just over the fence to my right.
Feb 17, 2008
76_03 Balancing Rock Cropped4web.jpg
Balancing Rock at Tibooburra NSW Australia449 viewsThis large rock is balancing on three much smaller rocks that sit between it and the large base rock underneath.
The V-Pan camera was aligned with it at sunset and this is the result.
Taken near the town of Tibooburra near where the states of NSW, Qld and S.A. meet in the Outback of Australia
Feb 03, 2008
79_04  Wild flowers in the Outback 4web.jpg
Wild flowers in the Outback377 viewsDec 29, 2007
69_03 Fernances Crossing no frame.jpg
Fernances Crossing483 viewsFernances Crossing is on an historic road in the Great Dividing Range in NSW Australia. This road was built by early convict labour.Dec 29, 2007
77_04 Old Bus near Tibooburra.jpg
Old bus that was home to a lonely old man461 viewsQuite some years ago an old hermit made this bus his home in the bush, not far from the town of Tibooburra in the Outback of NSW Australia. After he passed away the bus was at the mercy of the elements and is now well on its way to disintergration. Many old men out here, beyond the ability to work any longer and without the means to rent a home in "civilisation", make their final homes in such places as this bus, in old worked out gemstone mines and in log huts scattered throughout the Outback. Dec 29, 2007
79_02 Arcoola Creek4web.jpg
Arcoola Creek359 viewsArcoola Creek where it's crossed by the George Loop Road. How exciting it was to actually have some clouds to include in the photo! Another Outback creek bed, dry after the seasonal rains as it is for the greater part of the year.
It's places like this where people find themselves in trouble during the wet seasons, either stranded in no man's land by raging torrents, or in danger of being washed away when trying to reach safety across the flooding creeks. Unfortunately, loss of life and vehicles isn't unusual out here.
Dec 29, 2007
789_01 On the Wanaaring Rd4web.jpg
On the Wanaaring Road403 viewsA creek bed, dry again after some previous rain. It runs across a track, known as the Wanaaring Road, in far North Western NSW AustraliaDec 29, 2007
73_04 Dry creek bed in the Outback4web.jpg
Dry creek bed in the Outback417 viewsA dry creek bed west of Milparinka, adjacent to the grave of James Pool who was one of the officers in Sturt's exploration party to the Australian Outback in the early1800's.
James Pool died of scurvey whilst leading a scouting party.
Dec 29, 2007
78_03 Outback Sunrise 4 web.jpg
Outback Sunrise383 viewsNear the balancing rock at Tibooburra NSW Australia. Nothing much grows here apart from the Bluebush and a few stunted trees. The Bluebush is a nuisance when driving across this country as it's a very tough shrub and can rip the wiring from under a vehicle.
This is gold bearing country and even now, after the big gold rushes of the olden days, there are many hopefuls who come here from all over Australia with their metal detectors in one hand and a bucket full of hope in the other.
Dec 29, 2007
115_04 Forster NSW vertical4web.jpg
Looking along the cliffs497 viewsLooking along the cliffs toward the break wall at Forster NSW, AustraliaOct 24, 2007
Sunrise over Cairns Australia611 viewsTaken one early morning from the mountains to the West of the city.Oct 21, 2007
108_03 Cairns fishing fleet4web.jpg
Fishing Fleet at Cairns, Far North Queensland Australia762 viewsTaken late one afternoon. The clouds above the mountains are a typical sight in Cairns and, also typically, the mountains are on fire as can be seen by the smoke on the left hand side. Oct 21, 2007
108_02 Road kill.jpg
Road Kill in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia766 viewsUp here on the vast cattle stations, which measure their area in thousands of square miles, there aren't many fences to keep the cattle off the roads. I took this one morning (after breakfast ;-) on the way from Burketown to Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria. This is one of the very rare sealed roads in this area. There were no vestiges of a motor car anywhere and so it's to be assumed, thankfully, one of the many road trains (large prime movers with three or four trailers in tow) was involved. Oct 21, 2007
117_02_2 Pacific Palms Sunset4web.jpg
Pacific Palms Sunset601 viewsOct 20, 2007
Pasha Bulker on Nobbys from rotunda.jpg
Pasha Bulker aground on Nobbys Beach. Newcastle, Australia.341 viewsThis view of the ship wreck was taken from the rotunda on our beach. Nobbys Beach is in the city of Newcastle and is a major national surfing beach. It's also home to Nobbys Surf Club and a nursery for our "Nippers", which is what we call our very young up, and coming, surfers. Attempts are planned to tow the ship to sea soon and, whilst many doubt they'll succeed, it's fervently hoped we'll see the last of the Pasha Bulker soon. If not, it will mean the end of Nobbys long & magnificent surfing heritage.Jun 20, 2007
Pasha Bulker on Nobbys Pano.jpg
Pasha Bulker on Nobbys Beach. Newcastle, Australia319 viewsThe coal tanker "Pasha Bulker" ran aground on Nobbys Beach at Newcastle Australia during cyclonic weather conditions.Jun 20, 2007
65_03 The track to Dunns Swamp 4web.jpg
The track to Dunns Swamp684 viewsThe Eucalyptus (Gum) trees have shed their old winter bark and are in their magnificent summer colours.Mar 31, 2007
56_01 Hope on the horizon For web_email.jpg
Hope on the horizon668 viewsA small rainbow far away on the horizon in the drought parched Upper Hunter Valley of NSW Australia. A glimmer of hope in a land that's been starved of water for many years.
V-Pan camera, Schneider 5.6/110 Super Symmar XL lens on Velvia 100F film.
Mar 22, 2007
VP51_02 Endelss horizon for web.jpg
Endless Horizon436 viewsOut here, 250 kilometres from Bourke in the Outback of NSW Australia, one can turn 360į and nothing changes except perhaps for the occasional tree.Nov 10, 2006
Wilpena Pound BandW for site.jpg
Wilpena Pound520 viewsWilpena Pound is a large plateau in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. This was taken with an enhanced red B&W film using a red lens filter on a Noblex 150 Pro medium format camera.Oct 25, 2006
Kooragang Dreaming 4 websites.jpg
Kooragang Dreaming563 viewsOn Kooragang Island in the Hunter River near Newcastle, NSW AustraliaOct 08, 2006
VP43_03 Sunrise over the Darling 1K.jpg
Sunrise over the Darling River477 viewsOct 05, 2006
Valentine Sunset PP for web 1K.jpg
Valentine Sunset490 viewsOct 05, 2006
48-02 Moorabin Homestead on path 1K x 318.jpg
Moorabin Homestead734 viewsMoorabin Cattle Station is on the banks of the Darling River, not far from Wilcannia in the Outback of NSW Australia. This magnificent homestead was built in the 1800's.
Oct 05, 2006
27_04 Lake at Menindee 1K x 300.jpg
Menindee930 viewsOct 05, 2006
40_01_Burgess Beach.jpg
Burgess Beach823 viewsOct 03, 2006
41_02 Cape Hawke over Burgess Bch.jpg
Cape Hawke over Burgess Beach810 viewsOct 03, 2006
Menindee Sunset446 viewsOct 03, 2006
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